Content Policy for

Sift seeks to create a safe, fun environment where everyone can participate without being harassed, bullied, or threatened. Beyond that Sift seeks to be as inclusive of as much content, opinions, and beliefs as possible. Sift tries to expose individuals to only content they want to see, but to do that by giving users tools to control their content, rather than by excluding the content.

Sift will remove content that:

  • Harassess, bullies, or threatens individuals, whether they be Sift users or not
  • Is hate speech, or promotes hatred or discrimination towards any group
  • Violates applicable law
  • Links or directs users towards another site or other content that violates Sift's content policy

Sift will also ban users who are repeatedly submitting prohibited content or act with intent to degrade the experience on the site.

NSFW Policy

Sift seeks to be inclusive of NSFW content as well, however we don’t currently have the resources or features to properly handle NSFW content and ensure that it only is shown to users who want to see it.

Towards that end our current policy is:

  • NSFW content may be submitted as long as it is tagged with the NSFW tag.
  • No NSFW content will be made visible to users, it will remain in our database until we have the capability to support NSFW content.

In the future we plan on allowing and supporting NSFW content in line with our general policy. NSFW content will require clear tagging and detailed filter options so those who want to see it can, but everyone can remove what NSFW content they want from their experience.